A standard consultation appointments are usually booked for 10 minutes. Please let us know if you require a long appointment - for example, if you have multiple or complex problems.


Please find this LINK for New Patient Registration Form


Please also let us know if the appointment is for any care plans or procedures so that our staff can allocate appropriate time.

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If you did not make appointment on the day, we will try and fit you in as best as we can. However it is on doctor's discretion only.


Regular scripts are refilled every 6 months as per Government's policy. There is so that doctors get a chance to review your medical condition clinically. However we understand that sometimes it may be appropriate for a quick script, it will only be provided on doctor's discretion. Our staff will notify you at the time.


For every pathology, scans or x-rays done, it is in your best interest to return to see us for your results. We encourage you to make a return appointment for this. This will ensure you receive the results and give you a chance to discuss the results personally with doctors. Due to confidentiality, generally results are not given over the phone. It is only given on doctor's discretion.